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personal security Essay - 1574 Words

Personal Security MEASURES TAKEN TO PROTECT OURSELVEs Security is an ever changing and expanding tool that will need to be utilized until we have nothing to fear. There are no assurances of individual well-being in any setting. Terrorism is in our own backyards because last I checked rape, theft, assault, home invasions and carjacking are all forms of terrorism. Most people believe security is someone else’s responsibility but there are far too many people in the world for law enforcement agencies to possibly protect all at once. So that’s why many look into personal safety measures and discovering ways to protect themselves. I feel it is incumbent upon each individual to safeguard themselves against becoming the victim of a†¦show more content†¦However none of those skills will work or be any good to you if you are not aware of your settings. Cognizance of your situation consist of being heedful of where you are and where you are travelling, but also being aware about the state of your surroundings. The per fect mark for any would be aggressor is a timid, absentminded, preoccupied individual ignorant of their environment. And who seriously wants to be that vulnerable or that easy of a target. Ways that things such as that can be prevented is by taking the following precautions: 1. Walk with a friend whenever possible 2. Be alert and aware of your surroundings whether it be day or night. 3. Use well-lit routes 4. Trust your instincts. These are all suggestions of crime prevention and personal safety offered by Caltech. (Caltech Security, 2013) Knowing the crime trends or statistics of an area can be extremely helpful as well. Using the following websites one can find out about the crime in the United States because they make available the most inclusive breakdown of violent and property crime in the nation. They pull together the bulk of and frequency of crime offenses for the nation, states, cities and counties and goes back as far as 1960s. The sites are ervices/crimerates and but honestly if all else fails just google it. But if you are like me and want toShow MoreRelatedPersonal Information And Network Security2054 Words   |  9 Pages Personal information and network security is vital in today’s online environment. There are my people that are out there to get someone’s personal information in order to either to seal the personal information for financial gain or in some cases personal harassment. Ensuring that your equipment and settings are kept to a degree that works well for your usage can minimize these types of attacks. Settings can be found at multiple layers of a home network that includes the computer right from theRead MoreImportance of Security of Personal Belongingsg642 Words   |  3 PagesPFC Racheau Lipscomb Importance of Security of Personal Belongings Accountability without security is definitely not the right answer to a successful business or working environment, take for example; your NCO or boss leaves you in charge of a simple task of moving one piece of equipment to another location without help. While your undergoing this process you leave your previous location where it is unsafe meaning anyone has access to it. Anything could happen within that span of time thatRead MoreVast Security Threats to Personal Computers Essay831 Words   |  4 PagesThere are a vast amount of security threats to a personal computer. These security threats are harmful because if successfully activated an attacker can access personal information and use it for potential harm to you or your computer. These attacks can also potentially slow down your personal computer and may even cause it to crash. When a computer crashes and the information is not backed up somewhere else you won’t be able to retrieve your data. There are techniques that attackers use to accessRead MoreAustralian Personal Property Securities Laws Essay3186 Words   |  13 PagesQuestion 1 (a) Australian laws relating to personal property securities (â€Å"PPS†) have been messy for years, based on often incomplete state records which have never been centralised. The major rationales for the reforms are that the previous laws were inflexible, outdated, and prevent product innovation.[1] Personal property incorporates intellectual property , an important repository of wealth in the 21st century. This causes a need to incorporatefor flexible and modern laws which encourageRead MoreWhy Personal Information Is Risky On The Internet And The Situation Of Information Security1422 Words   |  6 Pagesstrategy of the government and enterprises, but also threaten citizens’ personal information security. There are significant issues increases rapidly due to this environment such as transfer , reproduction and abuse of personal information. Therefore, it provides convenience to criminal who wants to steal personal information of other people for benefit reason or other reasons. This essay aims to introduce the risks to personal information on the internet and find some solutions to relieve even solveRead MoreFull Body Scans: a Matter of National Security vs. Personal Indignities1304 Words   |  6 PagesMatter of National Security vs. Personal Indignities Safety and security is important and a high priority for anyone. As a result of several events, such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the now infamous Christmas day â€Å"Underwear Bomber† transportation security has been revamped and reinvented to protect innocent people from religious/political extremists and crazies alike. In some cases, measures of heightened security have been praised such as the hiring of more security guards or the additionRead MoreExamples Of Personal Property Securities754 Words   |  4 PagesPersonal property securities legislation – overview of the legal framework The Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth) creates a comprehensive national regime for personal property securities (PPS). Subject only to limited exceptions, security interests over personal property are primarily governed by the PPS Act. These securities range from fixed and floating charges over corporate assets, to share mortgages, to security interests over vehicles and aircraft, and to finance leases of plant andRead MorePersonal Statement : Privacy And Security1232 Words   |  5 PagesData collection generally can provide and opportunity for abuse, misuse and identity theft in some cases (there have been several reported cases of major data breached from companies like Target and Apple). Privacy and security are one of the biggest issues, my client will be justifiably concerned not only about what my company will do with the data we will collect, but also how it will be protected from third parties. Transparency about the use and protection of consumers’ data wil l reinforce trustRead MorePersonal Privacy or National Security2424 Words   |  10 PagesPersonal Privacy or National Security William Shelton ENG122: English Composition Prof. Lisa Clark August 7, 2012 Defining National Security VS Personal Privacy is a matter of looking at the basic nature of each. From research collected there is a consensus that we need balance. Too much of one hurts the other and vise versa. There are a couple of articles that range from Civil Liberties to the birth of public right to know that support the overall claim. Talks about the effects of censorshipRead MoreLanguage, Language And Personal Security2538 Words   |  11 PagesProverbs chapter ten talks about quite a few topics, to list the moral categories mentioned throughout the proverb there is diligence, laziness, language and personal security. This proverb comes from Solomon and starts off with the difference between the foolish son and a wise son. The wise son gives joy to the to the parent whereas the foolish one brings sorrow. In the same sort of comparison continuing on with the foolish like the lazy and the wise like the diligent, the proverb continues on in

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