Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Optional Technologies Adopted in the Construction of Building Elements Essay

Optional Technologies Adopted in the Construction of Building Elements - Essay Example Design professionals significant role in the quality of the built environment cannot be denied. Buildings in the contemporary world are a complex undertaking that require many different skills and materials. In this regard, the capabilities of the engineers and architects on the integrated design team are critical for the overall success of the design. In order to carry out the design and propose various alternatives, some background data is often required. This is usually with reference to the location of the proposed project and its various jurisdictions. The design process is then guided onwards by the knowledge of such project information. It is based on this that the relevant safety factors can be applied in the design so that the proposed methods and constructional technologies are safe and appropriate (EMMITT, BARRY & GORSE, 2010, p. 14). With the layout plan given for a proposed four-storey commercial building, with its components and the boundary conditions, different optional building technologies can be used to come up with the most appropriate designs. The building elements considered are as follows: Basements in commercial buildings are in most cases constructed to serve as foundations for the superstructure of the building, and in others to increase its utility to provide space that can be used by occupants of the building (FLEMING, 2005, p. 33). When adequately and properly constructed, they can be used for the following purposes: The intended use of the basement must be determined first before any design decisions are made. This will also have an impact on the quality of the basement. The level of performance of the basement areas is to be determined from the onset of construction to help in cost estimations and the material choice for the basement and its surrounding features.

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